Where to even begin, first I want to thank Crystal herself for the welcoming presence, and well thought out arrival procedures.  The ambience of the rooms were impressive & welcoming.

As a first time experience, here or elsewhere, Eden did an excellent job all round!  I felt any sense of nerves wash away instantly, as she explained and answered my questions with ease, with such a welcoming smile & playful, yet down to earth personality.

Charming and graceful, she is an expert at her craft & left me eager for more at very turn.  Easy to speak to, and very cooperative.  We had wonderful conversations, her immaculate appearance is only the beginning Kiss

I couldn't have askded for a better first experience, and I'll surely be back for more.

A wholesome experience all round


- Ryan, 22 March 2021

Crystal, I almost have no words to express how extraordinary Natalia is.  That is easily the best, the sexiest and the most fun sensual massage I have had in 12 months.  Natalia is gorgeous and playful and wickedly hot!  Very happy customer!

- P, 22 February 2021

Hi there,

Thankyou for the massage. Another amazing session with Eden. She really is something special, look forward to the next one.

- Lou, 13 February 2021

Oh Claire was amazing. Great smile and what a sensual person. 10/10

- Marcus, 3 February 2021

Hi Crystal

Just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing experience with one of your ladies last week.  I visited your pace for the first time on Friday.  I rang in requesting a Tie and Tease, but no one was available at a convenient time for me.  So I was feeeling pretty disappointed, but then Angelica agreed to come in early to take the booking.  So my first THANK YOU, is for the great customer service your team provided, going the extra mile to fit me in.  Much appreciated!  And then Angelica gave me a little slice of heaven (and a bit of hell) for 60 minutes.  It was very sexy, very easy, very comfortable and I left feeling like a milion bucks.  Angelica is stunning and has AMAZING skills.  Please pass on my appreciation to her.

Kind Regards

- Troy, 2 February 2021

Heya Crystal.  Lara and Staci are fantastic so sweet kind attentive and absolutely gorgeous.  Never been here before but will be keen to come back again.  Amazing girls.

- Sean, 20 January 2021

Wow!  Amazing booking with Maddy and Bella.  Great Company.  Two very friendly girls with stunning curvy bodies.  Will be back for sure.  Very discreet place highly recommended.  Thanks again.

- Aaron, 16 January 2021

Hey please let Rose know that I had a great time with her I feel relaxed all over. PS she really does have magic hands

- X, 12 January 2021

Please thank Kat again. She was amazing. She put me at ease and it was a wonderful experience

- M, 12 January 2021

Thank you Crystal had a great time with Kat, feels like she gave me a new back with her wonderful massage Smile

- R, 12 January, 2021

Gray and Eden

One luscious long lovely lady and a bubble butt beauty

What a double! LaughingLaughing

They are a crack up, yeah tons of fun

- Steve, 16 December 2020

Wow!  My mind blown.  Lara was so sweet, so sexy, so irresistible - mind uttlerly blown.  So beautiful being pregnant. Thank you for looking after me!  Please pass on my thanks so much to her too!

- Luke, 16 December 2020

Hi Crystal thank you so much for today Maddy was just too amazing...had a great time and definitely looking forward to coming back soon ♥

- Al, 9 December 2020

Thank you for booking Maddy for me.  She is awesome. Good service and good company.  Intelligent and interesting. I give her all the stars in the universe.  Thank you!

- Kris, 27 November 2020

Please thank Maddy and Moana for a mind blowing double

- Mike, 26 November 2020

Hello Crystal, I'd just like to say thank you to Lara.  Yesterday's booking with Lara was the best experience physically, mentally and emotionally.  From the moment she walked through that door with her beautiful smile and amazing body with her pregnancy glow (pictures on the website do no justice). She is a beautiful person inside and out and made me feel so special the whole booking.  Her massage was so relaxing and sexy which had me extending our booking because I didn't want to leave her.  The mirrors give you the opportunity to see her from all angles as she massages you which is amazing.  I will definitely be back to see Lara xx

- TG, 25 November 2020

I would just like to thank Natalia for giving me an amazing time as a first timer. I would just like to apprciate her being welcoming and being jolly to interact and talk with.  She really has a nice personality and touch which absolutely had me relaxed.  I would love to be back and see her again soon.  Again, big thanks Natalia Embarassed

- the nurse client, 25 November 2020

Hi just wanted to say Victoria is amazing and loved the nuru massage.  Please let her know I loved our time together.

- Brad, 28 October 2020

Very professional setup you have.  Angelica was a beautiful lady who is absolutely in tune with her client's needs and displayed intuition.  A pleasure and I'll keep coming back.  Thanks.

- John, 13 October 2020

Thank you Crystal... Maddy is a lovely person and beautiful also!

- Leon, 12 October 2020

Thank you so much for being kind and generous.  I really did enjoy my time there and felt special.  Thank you for the beers and the service Crystal.

Angelica was awesome and just knew how to take care of me.  I enjoyed her immensely.

- William, 11 October 2020

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the time with Gray ... she is a one of a kind person, who not only gives you a great massage, but is genuinely interested in how you're feeling .. Will definitely be back again ...

- Jeff, 1 October 2020

Thank you, and please pass along my thanks again to Bella - she's gorgeous and lovely to spend time with.  I had a geat massage with her!  I'd love to see her again, so will be in touch ... x

- Anthony, 24 September 2020

Hi, Natalia was amazing. Realy enjoyed my booking. It was just what I needed. Thank you Natalia.

- John, 23 September 2020

Hi, Moana and Claire were awesome, we had a lot of fun. Both ladies were exceptionally very sexy. Thanks.

- John, 15 September 2020

Hi there, just wanted to let you know Claire was amazing. Very professional and engaging, I guess she is a big asset to your place. Thanks for today.

- K, 15 September 2020

Hi. Had a great time doing a double with Maddy and Eden. Was a little apprehensive and shy being my first time with 2 ladies as beautiful as you 2. Thank you for making it my best day ever!

- Lee, 11 September 2020

Thank you very much for tonight. Please let Claire know that she made my first experience amazing. She helped me forget my worries and feel "like I'm in La La Land"

- A, 1 September 2020

I wanted to provide some feedback for the session I had with Claire.

This was no doubt the best massage experence I have had.  Claire was very hospitable, friendly and energetic.  I will definitely be coming back for more.

- Lionel, 11 August 2020

Thank u Crystal Pixie is a darling, great first phone sex experience.

- C, 2 August 2020

Hi, just some feedback on Mei..she's an absolute sweetheart, and that had to be one of the best bookings ever for me.  I have met Mei before, and I was so glad she hadn't left the industry.  Please pass on my very heartfelt thanks, and hope she stays with you a while!

- Paul, 28 July 2020

Hi Crystal please say a big thank you to Camilla. Great session with her. Will be seeing more of her.

- Ron, 21 July 2020

Eden is super cool, I'll definitely be back to see her.

- B, 16 July 2020

Hi Crystal, just want to say Claire is simply amazing. From the look to her personality, she's the full package.

- Ted, 15 July 2020

So I just spent an hour with Claire (which I will not forget) the new girl.  Claire is sensuous, stunning and highly skilled in the art of pleasure. Her intuition was amazing! Old mind in a sexy fit young body. WOW!

- George, 14 July 2020

Wow big thanks to Moana loved every second every minute spent with her what a beautiful kind hearted soul with a georgous smile loved it

- Manilla, 14 July 2020

Moana is just amazing. I had a wonderful time.

- Anon, 9 July 2020

Natalia is so lovely, and is absolutely stunning.  Thank you so much, I lood forward to seeing her again Kiss

- Pedro, 8 July 2020

Hi Natalia was amazing. She is a real diamond...absolutely gogeous. Thanks

- John, 21 June 2020

Hello thanks a lot Moana is the best so far in your business really looks after clients

- Nash, 21 June 2020

Hi there, Lara was amazing and the massage was phenomenal!  She's gorgeous and definitely knows how to make a persons day, can't wait for the next session Smile  Thank you!

- L, 11 June 2020

Hi ladies just wanted to say thank you so much to Violetta for arranging the Zoom Meeting with me this arvo after her spending so much time in trying to set up so many options in the end for me.

It was an amazing experience in the end and well worth it.  I think you should encourage Zoom meetings with your customers more as it is an exciting experience.  Many thanks to her.  You will see me again on Zoom.  Cheers, Russell


- 1 May 2020

Melanie is God's gift to man what a sweetheart she has made my week thank you

- Manilla, 7 April 2020

Hi, please pass on my sincere thanks to Bella! Was wonderful to meet her and she was an absolute delight to be with Smile

- Tony, 7 February 2020

Hi just wanting to say what an amazing experience with Casey & Pearl double.  Both so gorgeous had a great connection with them and can't wait to do this again. I can see why doubles are so good if you have that connection. Please thank them for what was an awesome experience ♥

They were so great I absolutely loved the whole experience with them. Never had such a connection like that first time Smile

- Brad, 17 January 2020

Just saw Casey. Really great company, stunning woman. Will be back for sure! Great location. Thanks

- A, 9 January 2020

Mmm thanks Casey is gorgeously willing and oh-so-sexy (FaceTime call - she only shows her bum but apparently it works!)

- Jeremy, 30 December 2019

That was awesome, got to be the best yet! Those 2 ladies (Casey & Chloe) ...... wooowah! Thank you

- John, 13 December 2019

The girls were awesum I will be back next week! (Casey and Pearl double booking)

- Brendan, 7 December 2019

Had a session booked with Bella today. She has an amazing personality and is very friendly and easy going. She goes out of her way to give you the best possible experience. She is honest and courteous...The session started and pretty soon I was transported to a different world. That's the last thing I remember from the session cz it was such a mesmerizing experience!!! I was lost and my whole body was buzzing..It was the most relaxing massage I have had...
- Roy, 17 November 2019
Hi there
Thank you so much for Lara's service. It was first experience of my life. She was amazing. Please give my regards to her. Thank you once again. Dev.
- Dev, 15 November 2019

re angelica sensual sexy superb david from mount

- David, 10 November 2019

Pearl: very good massage and easy to get on with

- Mike, 7 November 2019

Melanie has a smile that lights up the room!!! She is a great conversationalist and has a very warm personality.  She offers a great massage and the highlight is the Lingham massage..... Just out of this world....  Pure Ecstasy....You'll definitely want to come back for more.
- Wil, 6 November 2019

Amazing place you have, very impressed with the professionalism but yet a comfortable vibe. Chloe is absolutely top notch as well, thank you for an excellent afternoon.

- Roger, 1 November 2019

May I just say wow and amazing session with Melanie and Bella. Such professionalism and certainly felt special. Thanks again. Regards

- Sean, 23 October 2019

Bella is an extraordinary lady, honest and genuine and a pleasure to spend time with. Unlike some masseuses you can tell she's not there just for the money but actually cares.  She provides a very professional service and a firm but relaxing massage.  Will definitely be back to see her again.

- R, 17 October 2019

I wanted to let you know that Lara was amazing and I appreciate the flexibility in taking a new client on short notice. It was my first time and Lara really helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. It helped that everything felt very professional. I don't often have a chance to visit New Zealand, but I hope to return. Please send my regards.

- Jason, 9 October 2019

Hi can you please tell Nicky I said thanks for today! And that she was amazing  Wink

Best massage I've had in a long time!

-Karl, 30 September 2019

Wow Angelica was simply amazing! Such a gorgeous lovely lady who just made me laugh and enjoy myself so much - and her massage was fantastic and just what I needed.  Need 90 minutes next time. Thank you so much, I can't wait to see her again!!!

- 30 August, 2019

Lara is amazing! Gorgeous and amazing! I'll be back to see her again for sure.

- Blake, 29 August 2019

Hi please thank Bella for me she was amazing will certainly be back to see her again xx

- Rick, 24 August 2019

Please thank Bella for me. Really lovely, natural girl.

- Andrew, 8 August 2019

Had an amazing session with Nicky Maree this afternoon.  You can tell Nicky Maree has trained in massage. She found knots on my calves and shoulders that I didn't know where there. Stunning figure, one of the most beautiful masseuses I've visited. Will definitely see her again when I'm in town.

- Leo, 2 August 2019

Thanks for my booking with Angelica, she has the hands of a goddess, to add to the package she is versatile, energetic, fit, personable and experienced. She made me feel super welcome.  I will be back for more.

- A, 1 July2019

Alexis Crystal and Friends - fantastic

A short review. Saw Alexis earlier this year at their new premises. Nice suburban address. Easy to book, but be aware gents that her hours are limited to usually 5pm I think on weekdays.
As always paperwork is easy and no fuss. Led to room to wait for Alexis. She enters the room and wow, she's literally got a model face and body. She's got legs for days. After the shower she provides a very sensual and soft massage. She's much softer than the other girls and that suited me just fine. Couldn't get enough of her face. She also has quite a gentle voice which is really attractive.
Her body, wow. Did I mention legs for days but also a nice perky arse and bust. Perfect body, couldn't get enough of the whole package.
She definitely made me feel relaxed and it's a shame she only works certain hours otherwise I would see her much more often.Cant believe there are no reviews on
her yet. She's seriously the most beautiful girl I've seen in Auckland for both either fs or sm. Also you get a pretty good service out of it.
- MickyD, 13 May 2019

Just wanted to say that Sarah was amazing. She looks even better than in the photos.  This was my first time and your whole operation is really clean and professional, which made for a great experience. Will definitely be back.

- Anon, 20 February 2019

Had an outstanding time with Angelica thanks

- Craig, 18 January 2019

Hi I just saw Vanessa and once again Crystals ladies are the best. Thank you x

- Anon, 20 November 2018


Had  really nice time with Angelica. She is a very sweet lady with a great personality. Great service. She made me very comfortable.

Please thank her again for me. I'll sure be back to see her.


- Anon, 26 September, 2018

Hi Kat, thank you very much.  I'm so happy with the massage - a good massage.  Have a great day, thanks x

- A, 4 July 2018

Visited Nina 4 or 5 times over the last 6 months and have always had a great time.
Crystals place is nicely set up, clean and well run. Expensive, but worth it.
Nina is warm and friendly, makes you feel special and has an absolutely fantastic body.
Most intense orgasms I have had for a long time and the naughty look on Nina's face as she gets you to that point is priceless.

- ontheqt, 20 March 2018

Just have to say you have an amazing place there. Nicky was awesome Smile so amazing.

Thank you, I'll pass that on to her x

Thank you again. I will be seeing her again definitely

- Brad, 27 December 2017

I would just like to thank Crystal for a great massage. Till next time Smile

- 13 June 2017 (therapeutic massage booking)

Hi Crystal - safe  to say I'm 2 from 2 in terms of great times at your place!!

SmileSmile  Kali is a complete honey - that hour just FLEW BY  Cry 

see you next time!

- John, 2 June 2017