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Crystal offers Therapeutic Swedish Massage & Lymphatic Drainage Massage $110 one hour.


Introducing Crystal, your pathway to holistic wellness and relaxation. Drawing from the timeless techniques of Swedish therapeutic massage, I dedicate myself to the art and science of body rejuvenation and healing.

I’ve had the privilege to lend my skills across both professional environments and wellness-centric settings, working extensively in gym and chiropractic spaces as well as indulging clients in pure relaxation retreats. Every moment of these years has shaped me, honing my expertise, and fine-tuning my understanding of the human anatomy.

At 50, I’m a woman with the maturity that instills confidence and trust. My approach is uncompromisingly professional. My attire is always appropriate for the setting, ensuring your comfort and maintaining the sacred integrity of the massage process. Clients remain draped, ensuring privacy and comfort, while I work diligently to ease tension, unknot muscles, and guide your body and mind into a state of balanced tranquility.

Friendly, welcoming, and mature, I view massage not just as a service, but as a partnership between therapist and client. Together, we’ll embark on a journey towards relaxation, wellness, and holistic rejuvenation.

With only limited availability slots fill up quickly, so if the promise of a Swedish therapeutic massage resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out.

Call now, and secure your slot with Crystal. Your body and soul will thank you for it.

Warm regards, Crystal



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Awesome experience

Review by Vic 19/09/2023

Crystal is a highly experienced massage therapist with a strong and firm pair of hands that gives you an unforgettable experience in non-sensual, therapeutic massage. Feeling relaxed and at ease, I had a great time with her. Thanks Crystal, will come back to you again.


Review by Imran 17/09/2023

Just wanted to pass on the thanks to Crystal. Her massage technique was so great! I felt very relaxed and refreshed afterwards.