Rule #1: We go out of our way to ensure clients don't bump into each other (eek .. brother in law, boss, co-worker), so PLEASE follow the instructions in the text message .. you need to text or call to get in.

Please be on time. If you're early, call or text to make sure it's ok to come in. 

If you are running late or can't make it, let us know.  

Our masseuses may or may not offer extras, at their discretion. If you repeatedly ask for any extra the masseuse has said no to you will be asked to leave without a refund.  (Just be polite & remember the ladies are real people not sex dolls).

Meeting masseuses prior to booking:  a $20 deposit is to be made up front. If you don't go through with a booking the deposit is split between the ladies who made themselves available & spent their time preparing for the meet.  Conversely, if a booking is cancelled upon arriving a $20 cancellation fee applies.

Please do not try to negotiate, to do so will cause offense.

For all new clients and for a generalized run-down on proper etiquette to use with all working girls, check out this link:

Another link...again for new clients or anyone needing a refresher on what we expect :-)