Meet Natalia

EthnicityKiwi Persian
Height5 foot
Dress Size4
BustC Cup
HairLong Brunette

Hello gentlemen,

Natalia is a petite babe exotic Persian-mix heritage, soft dark skin and delicate features. She stands just 5 foot tall with a tiny size 4 figure & full C cup bust, proof that great things come in small packages.

With her pretty face and long flowing hair she is a true head turner, while her enchanting personality will seduce and magnetize you

Natalia is available for sensual massage bookings from our private Mt Eden address, in calls only, no full service x


Please bring extra cash and discuss extras during your booking. For example: intimate touching, tie & tease, anal play, prostate massage, Strap-on, BDSM, fetish, toys, bi doubles.

Special Offers:

Glory Hole 10 minutes handjob through a glory hole, upgrades may be available eg CBJ, boob job (bring extra cash and ask the masseuse)

$220 Back to Back One Hour: Two masseuses tag team you: spend half an hour with one lovely lady, then finish your hour with a second masseuse

$220 Double Trouble One Hour: A second masseuse of your choice (or a surprise masseuse) joins you for the last half of your booking

Cheese & Wine Date $220 One Hour / $370 Two Hours: Treat your masseuse and yourself to a snack platter & liquid refreshments delivered to your room (usually a cheese platter & wine but dependent on you and your masseuse’s dietary preferences). Please give advance notice x


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Review by  Paul 19/10/2023

Massage with the lovely Natalia was wonderful, thanks.

2 hours sessions

Review by  Nat 17/10/2023

Natalia is truly exceptional. I’ve chosen her services multiple times, always finding reasons to leave positive reviews. She’s never hurried and consistently greets with her captivating smile. She embodies elegance, class, and nobility. Instead of merely suggesting booking her for the next time, I’d recommend booking her repeatedly.

10 out of 10

Review by  Ben 16/10/2023

Wow, Natalia’s got some serious skills! The moment you step into her place, you just chill out. The vibe is awesome with low lighting and cool tunes.

Natalia knows what she’s doing. She asked me where I was feeling tight or sore and then got to work. Trust me, she didn’t miss a spot

Thank you

Review by  Chris 16/10/2023

Natalia is a wonderful girl she always provides excellent service and beautiful smile, warm-hearted.  She has great ability to light up the room. I love her. Thank you.

Will book longer next time!

Review by Paul 14/07/2023


Just want to put in a quick review for Natalia please. Was lucky enough to secure a 60 minute booking with the lovely Natalia yesterday, wow, what a treat.  Not only is she very very pleasing on the eye and excellent at what she does, but what a lovely happy young lady she is as well.  The only complaint is that the time went far too quickly, oh well, that means the next visit needs to be at least 90 minutes.

Thanks Natalia and Crystal, another stunner!!

Nubile Natalia Nails Bob – Again

Review by Bobsled 11/10/2023

Yep. I went back for more. Hungry. Lusting. Needing to be ravished.

I cannot recommend the beautiful, nubile, petite Natalia enough. She is an astounding practitioner of her craft. After following the roster for a while, finally days aligned and I booked. The Cyrstals team is always so efficient, responsive and clear in their comms. Makes it all so easy.

I arrived. Got mostly undressed. Natalia slinks in dressed in a silk robe (she remembers all the details I enjoy) and her harness. Armed with three dildos. Her preference, clearly, on the largest of the three. I am in her hands. After several meetings, trust is high. Natalia can utterly have her way with me – I trust her to be sexy, professional and caring.

Natalia begins our session with massage. Including some extended play with her nails over many entire body. Her long nails are an awesome sensation and I do enjoy a good grazing. Natalia has me just about lifting entirely off the table such is the impact of her stimulation. Before long, she’s prepping me for entry. Loads of oil ensuring no friction (the care Natalia takes is astounding – going to great lengths to make the whole experience comfortable and erotic).

Soon enough she penetrates my initially “you’re a bit shy today” ass and consumes me with her dildo. After a short while it turns out that the heart shaped end in the harness keeps slipping out – perhaps because the is enthusiastically giving it to me as she should! Anyway, we find a way through that and before long I am enjoying the full length of this dildo deep inside me. It feels sooooooooo good! (I’m actually quite proud…) Natalia then begins a series of very creative stimulation techniques that drive me completely wild. I’m loving every minute.

Soon, it’s time for the finale. Natalia withdraws from me, flips me and she perches on my chest once more. When someone like Natalia is asking you to climax for her – well, it doesn’t get much better, does it?

It’s fairly obvious I am a Natalia fan. She is, without question, amazing at what she does and clearly enjoys bringing pleasure to her clients. We already began planning next time. Something about tie, tease and spanking… And I need to research butt plugs!

Already I am salivating at the prospect of being in Natalia’s care once more.

Review Nubile Natalia Nails Bob – Again (

Natalia: a champagne diamond among the crystals

Review by Bobsled 22/02/2021

It’s probably a good two years since I last visited Crystals Massage. I have exceptionally fond memories of Priya whom I saw and thoroughly enjoyed numerous times.

Tonight, on a whim with some unexpected me-time, I perused the evening roster for Crystals and quickly selected Natalia. Her profile is immediately compelling for me – small, gorgeous and of mixed descent. Upon enquiring, Crystal asked if I could be there soon. I could, living fairly close by. So I got myself sorted and made my way there.

Now, I don’t know about you and your experiences, but when meeting a sensual masseuse for the first time there is that period of apprehension. Will we click? Will the profile be accurate? Will the experience be what I am craving at this time? I had requested a particular extra – would she be into it or go through the motions? Questions… You know how it can be.

Short answer to all the questions: hell yes and ‘into it’ does not begin to describe Natalia!

Long version…

Natalia is gorgeous. Gorgeous to the point of “how am I getting naked with such a gorgeous woman???” gorgeous. Small. Slim. Perfectly proportioned and no, her profile photos do not do her justice. Natalia is way more attractive in person.

Natalia is playful. We hit it off in the first ten seconds and did not look back. Playful and confident. Open and communicative. We bantered. Got to know each other. Worked out that she loves giving the extra I desired. The whole booking was as playfully sexy as I have ever had.

Natalia is wickedly hot! She quickly worked out that we enjoyed the same stuff and offered to amp up my extra, then amp it up some more. Did we have enough time, I asked. Absolutely, she replied. I gratefully and delightfully indulged. She is skilful and openly demonstrates how much she enjoys giving. We, naturally, discussed other menu items. All of which are in my sphere of desire. The opportunities ahead are intriguing and must be explored.

When sensual masseuse and client connect like this, the experience is like no other. Being with someone who so clearly wants to have a great time as well, makes it all the better. As I shared with Crystal afterward, this was easily the best, the sexiest and the most fun sensual massage I have enjoyed in over twelve months. Apparently, Natalia had fun too! An added bonus!

Thanks Crystal for allowing me to spend time with your champagne diamond. Natalia is extraordinary and a credit to your fine establishment.

Until next time!