Massage Gel Ori $67

Massage Gel Ori $67

Nuru massage gel powder 40g makes 4-8L $45

Nuru massage gel powder - Matsuri 40g - makes 4-8L $45

- Massage gel: authentic Japanese massage gel powder

- Paraben and Glycerine free

- Seaweed extract & green tea extract: contains both these ingredients for a more authentic massage experence

- Non-staining, non-sticky, odourless, tasteless and long lasting

- Makes 4 litres of thick gel or up to 8 litres of thin gel (the girls tend to prefer the thinner, less sticky gel)

- Japanese made: massage gel powder is made from only the highest quality ingredients and designed for smooth sensations and softness


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Nuru massage gel powder 40g makes 4-8L

Simply mix with hot water and allow to stand for 5 minutes (if you're in a hurry you can just use it straight away).  Lasts for up to one week after mixing.

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