Nuru Inflatable Mattress


The Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress is the perfect accessory to experience a Nuru Massage’s fantastic thrill with a full-size mattress. Together with our Massage Gel Powder, this combination is the ultimate in luxury and pleasure. Made from high-quality, waterproof PVC, our Inflatable Air Mattress is durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for use indoors or…

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This is the nuru mattress you’ll see on Redtube and Pornhub. Don’t bother with anything else, this is the robust mattress you want.

This inflatable mattress comes with a kick-ass pump that will inflate the mattress in minutes. This is more robust than similar items I’ve used, I highly recommend this over anything else I have personal experience with.

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The Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress created by Eroticgel is more durable and comfortable than other similar products on the market set to deliver a splendorous Nuru Massage. We have taken to reading all the feedback about similar air mattress products available on the market and used that feedback to create a truly great product. The Nuru Inflatable Air Mattress is the perfect accessory to experience the fantastic thrill of a Nuru Masage with a full-size luxury mattress. The Nuru Massage Gel is water soluble and non-sticky to allow easy cleanup. Our Nuru Air Inflatable Mattresss provides a controlled environment that retains your Nuru Massage Gel and allows you and your partner to slip and slide freely. With the ability to hold the weight of 200kg there is more than enough capacity for two people plus maybe a third that will bring you Nuru Massage session to the next level and be taking your breath away!

Product Features:

  • Full size luxury inflatable / deflatable mattress 223cm x 122cm
  • Quick release valve for deflation
  • Inflates in minutes (Electric Air Pump included)
  • Made with smooth surface material to slip and slide freely with Nuru Gel
  • Mattress surface does not absorb liquid, allows retention of Nuru Gel on your body
  • Raised-type, comfortable and good buoyancy
  • Use it on a flat surface or even in a pool
  • Portable, compact, good storage size
  • Durable



Unpack the air mattress from the box and find a flat and clean surface to lay it down to. Position the air mattress in a suitable location, either on the bed or on the floor, ensuring there are no sharp objects nearby that could damage the mattress.


Locate the 3 air valves for each of the head, body, and foot sections of the air mattress. Using an air pump or electric inflator, attach the nozzle and inflate the mattress to your desired firmness. Avoid over inflating to ensure comfort.

Test & Adjust

Lie down on the air mattress and test its comfort and support. If needed, make adjustments by adding or releasing air to achieve the desired firmness and support level. Once you’re comfortable, enjoy your Nuru Massage on the air mattress.

Deflate & Store

When finished, deflate the mattress by opening the air valves and removing the air using an appropriate tool or by rolling it tightly to expel the air. Ensure the mattress is clean and 100% dry before storing to prevent mold and mildew.


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