Pepee Backdoor Anal Lube 360ml


An extra thick multi-purpose personal water-based lotion. BACK DOOR has an alluring purple colour attributed to the ingredient azulene, which reduces irritation. Relax with BACK DOOR and let it help soothe your skin. To reactivate the lotion, apply water. General use water-based lotion Back Door Contains azulene No.2 Seller

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Get ready to embark on a luxurious, slick journey with Japan’s finest – the PePee Backdoor Anal Lube. This premium lube is specially formulated to turn your intimate encounters into silky smooth experiences, providing an exceptional glide even in those elusive, hard-to-moisten areas. Boasting a rich lineage of half a century, PePee is the unrivaled champion in the world of high-quality adult lotions.

Our Backdoor Anal Lube, encased in a generous 360ml bottle, is a testament to our commitment to superior performance and longevity. The lush, thick consistency of this water-based lube ensures it stays exactly where you need it, providing lasting lubrication that won’t quit midway. From sultry massage sessions to steamy backdoor explorations, this lube is your passport to a world of seamless pleasure.

The seductive, deep purple hue of the PePee Backdoor Lube is no coincidence – it’s the result of the infusion of azulene. Known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, azulene adds a unique charm to this lube, making it as attractive as it is functional.

And let’s talk about ingredients, because we know you care about what goes on your skin. Our lube features a gentle formulation including water (aqua), glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, and polyacrylic acid. The addition of methylparaben and EDTA 2NA ensures product stability, and the gorgeous purple color is a testament to the power of sodium guaiazulene sulfonate.

This lube is more than just a bestseller; it’s a trusted companion for all your intimate adventures. So why wait? Grab your PePee Backdoor Anal Lube today and turn up the heat in your sensual escapades.



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