Pepee Cool Mint 360ml


A multi-purpose personal water-based lotion with the scent of Menthol. Ideal for massage, the feeling of Cool Mint on your skin with a cool breeze is exhilarating, coupled with the silky texture, this multi-purpose lotion won’t disappoint. If it starts to dry, add water to reactivate the lotion. Mint scented massage Glycerine Free Those that are hypersensitive…

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PEPEE’s Cool Mint Lotion with its refreshing Menthol and Mint aroma. Indulge in a sensational pleasure journey with PEPEE’s Cool Mint, the perfect companion for your intimate moments. Encased in an enticing bottle, this captivating elixir delights the senses from the very first glance. The true highlight of Pepee Cool Mint lies in its remarkable sensation, offering a cool and tingling touch that is perfect for those sizzling summer months.

With its easy-to-use one-touch cap and sleek design, PEPEE’s Cool Mint Lotion ensures that every moment of pleasure is effortlessly blissful. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary and embrace the refreshing allure of PEPEE’s Cool Mint Lotion.

One Touch Cap

Start by opening the bottle with the convenient one-touch cap. This will become useful later when things start heating up.


Apply a conservative amount of the lotion to your body or toy. The thickness of Pepee means you only need a small amount to get things started.


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