Pepee Original 360ml


The longest-running and most popular from Pepee, Original is a multi-purpose personal water-based lotion. Perfect for Nuru Massage. Original is a multi-purpose long-lasting high viscosity lotion that is amazingly silky. Leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised that dissipates once you finished using it. We recommend Original for ‘Nuru Massage’. Add water to reactivate the…

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Get ready to slide into a world of pleasure with PePee Original Lubricant, a classic that has been elevating intimate moments for over 50 years. Packaged in a convenient 360ml bottle, this is Japan’s most loved and versatile lubricant that’s perfectly designed to enhance any sensual experience.

The PePee Original’s consistency is a notch above the rest – a medium to high viscosity formula that surpasses any other water-based lubricants in New Zealand. This luscious, colourless concoction is tasteless and odourless, ensuring a smooth, slick experience that heightens your senses without any distractions.

Ever dreamt of drenching yourself in a sea of slickness? With PePee Original, your fantasy can turn into reality. Give the authentic Japanese Nuru massage a whirl, smearing this silken elixir all over your body for an immersive, slippery indulgence. And the fun doesn’t stop there – you can even dilute it with warm water to reach your desired consistency, catering to your unique preference.

One of the standout features of PePee Original is its user-friendly design. The bottle features a one-touch cap that can be easily opened with a single hand, leaving the other free to explore and enjoy. This lubricant is not just a product; it’s a ticket to a world of unbounded pleasure and sensuous freedom.

So why settle for the ordinary when you can make every moment extraordinary? Choose PePee Original, the ultimate companion for those who desire an intimate experience that is far from the usual. Ignite the spark, feel the smoothness, and let the good times roll!


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