Pepee Rich 360ml


Pepee Rich collaborates with Pepee and NPG, leading Japanese lotion companies to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The red bottle provides a thicker feeling lubricant than Pepee Silky but still with the silky smooth feel and texture exceptional for onahole use. It is delicate to touch, and when placed in an onahole, Rich envelops you, giving…

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PEPEE’s Rich Lotion is a celebration of the extraordinary milestone of Pepee and NPG’s 50th anniversary. This exclusive collaboration showcases the expertise of both leading Japanese lotion companies. Housed in a striking red bottle, PEPEE’s Rich Lotion offers a thicker and more indulgent experience than PEPEE’s Silky Lotion while maintaining a silky smooth feel and texture perfect for onahole use.

Delicately touching your skin, this special lotion creates an immersive and enriching experience when used with an onahole. Let PEPEE’s Rich Lotion envelop you in its seductive embrace and elevate your intimate encounters to new levels of pleasure.

One Touch Cap

Start by opening the bottle with the convenient one-touch cap. This will become useful later when things start heating up.


Apply a conservative amount of the lotion to your body or toy. The thickness of Pepee means you only need a small amount to get things started.


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